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2015 Contest

2015 Contest

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Posted: 11-25-15 8:34 AM - Views: 1742

By: Sonyalpha Images

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I am pleased to announce the 2015 photo contest. This year our friends at Zeiss have really sweetened the prize by offering the winner their choice of the following lenses.

Distagon 2/28 ZE or ZF.2
Milvus 2/35 ZE or ZF.2
Milvus 1.4/50 ZE or ZF.2
Planar 1.4/85 ZE or ZF.2
Batis 2/25
Batis 1.8/85
Loxia 2/35
Loxia 2/50
This year’s theme is “Being There”.

Being there is that memorable moment you walk away from etched in your memory for ever. For example …

A total stranger who sees you with the camera and gives you a whimsical pose and smile to remember.
Standing on a mountain top looking down on the world.
A mother holding a new born for the first time.
A breath taking sunrise or sunset.
That special look that is undeniably captivating.
Being there can be very diverse in subject matter. Thus, many will have different opinions and interpretations of that moment. But here is what you need to remember no matter what you decide to submit.

Keep it joyful, happy, interesting and G / PG rated. Viewable by all ages.
It cannot be studio work.
It cannot be a paid model.
It cannot be still life. No fruit bowls please.

The Rules

Read the above.
The contest is open to any photographer.
Any camera lens combo can be used. It does not have to be Zeiss only.
The winner must have a camera that will accommodate any of the lenses offered as a prize.
The winner will allow the winning photo to be used on this site and sister sites for promoting future contests.
You can submit no more than 3 photos. If you want to change your submissions, simply delete your photo and submit a new one.
The winner must be active on the site. This means you don’t upload your three photos and only come back when the prize is announced. Active means contribute photos and feedback on other member photos regularly.
The Contest is Open now and Submission will end on December 23, 2015 00:00:00 GMT.
To submit your photo, simply place them in the category “2015 – Contest”

Judging will be done by the experienced staff at Popflash and your truly.

Good luck everyone !
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