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Subject: New layout feedback please

Category: Feedback

Posted: 01-12-14 8:57 PM - Views: 4221

By: JT

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What do you think of this proposed home page layout I am testing now?
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Reply from Daniel Ortego on 06-15-14 4:44 PM

I like the new layout a lot but unfortunately once it was updated, it no longer recognized who I was. Even after multiple emails from the site administrator using multiple email addresses, the site still couldn't recognize my account information. I ended up having to create a whole new account with a different username. Very frustrating since I now have two accounts. One that the website recognizes me as me, and the other one where the site administrator recognizes me, but not the website log-in itself.

Dan Ortego
Reply from Glen Charles on 01-13-14 11:23 AM

JT: I liked the new layout immediately.

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