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shtarka1 - 12-23-14 9:01 AM
Ok JT...Gotta Get The Adapter & A Big Boy Sony A Lens Or 2! Merry Christmas Bud!
sonyalphaimages - 12-22-14 5:00 PM
I have all the a Zeiss lenses plus the new 70-200 G II. I absolutely love them on the a72. They are bigger but with the new body it feels very good. The 135 1.8 on the A72 is simply amazing. I have the 55 Zeiss FE and the 35 Loxia. But I also have the 50 1.4 za on the a72 and love that as well.
shtarka1 - 12-22-14 3:26 PM
Thanks Jorge! Yeah, Im Loving it too! Should I get the Sony A to E adapter & Maybe Some A Glass?
sonyalphaimages - 12-22-14 2:40 PM
Steve. You're rockin! Fantastic shot! Love what you did with the B&W. Hope you're liking the 7II. I am loving it. I can't see myself ever going back to the large DSLR's. The 7II body hit the nail on the head.