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Mountain torrent
Photo By: jonny
03-5-14 3:15 PM - Comment by: jonny
ah ah ....my feet are ok, there was a rock into the torrent ;) :)
Photo By: minoltazeiss
03-2-14 11:36 AM - Comment by: minoltazeiss
Anytime !
Photo By: minoltazeiss
02-28-14 7:42 PM - Comment by: torralba
Nice. love the color saturation here. Good perspective too.
Photo By: torralba
02-28-14 6:28 PM - Comment by: tclair
Best one...!
fog 2
Photo By: esl
02-28-14 2:30 PM - Comment by: torralba
interesting group of people in this shot. I like fog shots. Would love to see it in B&W too :)
Photo By: philber
02-28-14 9:55 AM - Comment by: tclair
Photo By: torralba
02-28-14 9:53 AM - Comment by: tclair
I like the B&W version, well done.
Photo By: eviga
02-27-14 10:36 PM - Comment by: torralba
This is wonderful. I love it! Can you post some more pictures with the 300 f2.8? I have been thinking about getting one and would love to see more samples like this.
On board Image stabilization. Shot at 1/3 Sec Hand held
Photo By: torralba
02-27-14 10:09 PM - Comment by: torralba
Just shooting around the office. 1/3 sec hand held with the 85mm 1.4. On board image stabilization just rocks! To think every lens is stabilized on the A99. Why wont Nikon or Canon do this?
Photo By: torralba
02-27-14 9:48 PM - Comment by: torralba
Face detection at work. Bright background but it metered off the face. Amazing camera.
Photo By: rickperry
02-27-14 6:17 PM - Comment by: rickperry

The other Coast - Maine Islands scene - in this case - very similar to Northwest.

Thanks for noticing.

Test 3. Nothing else to shoot tonight
Photo By: torralba
02-17-14 9:49 PM - Comment by: tclair
Farscape.... love it.
Photo By: darkart
02-14-14 3:29 PM - Comment by: tclair
looking back
Photo By: anton alberts
02-12-14 8:49 AM - Comment by: tclair
Nice colors!
what you doing?
Photo By: anton alberts
02-11-14 3:24 PM - Comment by: torralba
I see you too :)
Baatara Pothole, Lebanon
Photo By: dr. harout
01-29-14 1:07 PM - Comment by: tclair
Catch of the Day
Photo By: dr. harout
01-29-14 10:49 AM - Comment by: tclair
Nice catch! :-)
Photo By: philber
01-20-14 1:26 PM - Comment by: torralba
Nice. I need this for my daughters bike :)
Photo By: bekaraydin
01-17-14 2:50 AM - Comment by: bekaraydin
Thank you
Photo By: bekaraydin
01-17-14 2:46 AM - Comment by: bekaraydin
Thank you for your liked