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🕐 11-27-14 2:29 PMwaeshael
harvesting time
Great picture.
🕐 11-25-14 6:00 AMwaeshael
Blue Heron
By: gip
I missed this photo. On LI? Noticed you used ISO 2500 and Leonardo to process. The detail is good, focus is good. Nice picture
🕐 11-23-14 1:29 PMbekaraydin
Butterfly and Ferns
By: gip
Nice macro and butterfly
🕐 11-23-14 8:41 AMgip
Photo 34485
Really like this image Bekar. Interesting mountians and sky.
🕐 11-7-14 4:05 AManton alberts
Working hard
Thanks Gip
🕐 10-29-14 3:57 PMredskeeter
Beautifully captured!!
🕐 10-1-14 9:13 AMtorralba
Photo 34442
great separation in this shot. gret control of dof. well done!
🕐 08-30-14 10:39 AMgip
Clouds over Snowdon (Monochrome)
By: bouic
Very nice image Dave.
🕐 08-7-14 9:46 AManton alberts
Thanks Torralbo. Just as a matter of interest , the bird was not photoshopped in . The Zeiss 24-70 just makes it 3d at wide angle
ps Now THAT is a cool avatar
🕐 08-3-14 1:05 PMtorralba
By: bouic
That is an amazing lens. If I get an A7s, I will definitely be getting the new 55.
🕐 06-18-14 4:37 AMgip
Photo 34275
By: eviga
Like the soft colors and light on all of these macro shots.
🕐 06-18-14 4:35 AMgip
Photo 34277
By: eviga
Great detail.
🕐 05-23-14 5:21 PMgip
Swan in the morning
This is one to be proud of. Nice tone and framing.
🕐 05-22-14 8:36 PMtorralba
The Rock
By: gip
That is one smooth looking rock :)
🕐 05-16-14 3:18 PMgip
Trump Tower - Chicago
Wonderful light .Great sky.
🕐 05-15-14 2:35 AMallamand
Photo 34178
Taken with 24-70Z FE lens
🕐 04-27-14 12:59 AMeviga
Sunset on the lagoon
By: ringo
Eccellente scatto, veramente un piacere per gli occhi.
🕐 04-23-14 7:16 AMtorralba
Photo 33922
Love that the dog :)
🕐 04-21-14 1:54 AMjonny
Night Landscape
By: jonny
thank you Torralba :)
🕐 04-20-14 7:43 PMfe2cruz
April 15th, 2014 Blood Moon on Tamron 800
Thanks Torralba, for the comment and everything else you do. I had thin clouds and light pollution too, but the resolution of the A7r still squeezed in more detail than my Nikon's sensor would have. I payed the price for staying out so late for those shots though with some sniffles lingering into this Easter Weekend.