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Shanghai, Pudong
Photo By: dr. harout
01-30-15 2:28 PM - Comment by: gip
Color reflected in water adds a nice touch.
Helmshore Weaver
Photo By: bouic
01-27-15 4:37 PM - Comment by: gip
Lighting on the face is very nice. Good color and textures.
Fallen. Not Forgotten
Photo By: stevebriant
01-20-15 1:27 PM - Comment by: torralba
Another great shot Steve. Love the colors.
Photo By: shtarka1
01-8-15 10:35 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks a lot Jorge!
A7R with Canon 17mm TS-E tilt/shift
Photo By: dierk
01-8-15 9:57 AM - Comment by: torralba
Skyline HDR
Photo By: saxbike
01-8-15 9:50 AM - Comment by: torralba
Intense look for a cityscape.
Photo By: emeralto
01-6-15 12:40 PM - Comment by: emeralto
Thank you torralba for your nice comment and the"like"
Photo By: emeralto
01-6-15 6:00 AM - Comment by: emeralto
Thanks gip for your "like"
Photo By: shtarka1
01-6-15 5:13 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Jorge..Yes & this lens is Phenomenal! Reminds me of a baby Nikon 200 2.0! Thanks Pal!
Rough-Legged Hawk
Photo By: keithmac
01-5-15 2:48 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Photo By: shtarka1
12-23-14 9:01 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Ok JT...Gotta Get The Adapter & A Big Boy Sony A Lens Or 2! Merry Christmas Bud!
Blue Dragon
Photo By: gip
12-20-14 8:16 AM - Comment by: stevebriant
Certainly nailed the focus. Wonderful colours and detail.
Wave Breakers
Photo By: stevebriant
12-19-14 6:57 PM - Comment by: gip
Looking at this one again. What a great image.
Sundown at Kirby
Photo By: stevebriant
12-9-14 3:34 AM - Comment by: gip
Like the bands of color in the landscape and sky.
The Torrent
Photo By: stevebriant
12-8-14 1:01 PM - Comment by: stevebriant
Thanks very much.
Mountain Lake
Photo By: jonny
12-5-14 5:44 PM - Comment by: torralba
Beautiful !
Italian Alps
Photo By: jonny
12-2-14 10:03 PM - Comment by: torralba
Love it !
Ruskins View
Photo By: stevebriant
12-2-14 1:48 PM - Comment by: torralba
Gorgeous! If I had 1/2 your talent I would feel better :)
harvesting time
Photo By: anton alberts
11-27-14 2:29 PM - Comment by: waeshael
Great picture.
Blue Heron
Photo By: gip
11-25-14 6:00 AM - Comment by: waeshael
I missed this photo. On LI? Noticed you used ISO 2500 and Leonardo to process. The detail is good, focus is good. Nice picture