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Clifden Sunset
Photo By: bouic
07-26-15 3:10 PM - Comment by: torralba
Love the different grades of orange in this and the separation by each range of hills.
Photo By: rhd
07-21-15 5:19 PM - Comment by: rhd
Sony A7II Leica macro-elmarit 100 2.8
Photo By: bouic
07-10-15 8:19 AM - Comment by: gip
Super image. The clouds and rocks draw the eye to the ship. Nice composition.
Photo By: m.divittorio
07-7-15 12:21 PM - Comment by: m.divittorio
torralba wrote:

Very nostalgic looking.

Thank you!
Great Horned Owl
Photo By: keithmac
07-7-15 10:53 AM - Comment by: gip
Excellent !
Barred Owl Portrait
Photo By: keithmac
06-29-15 11:02 AM - Comment by: gip
Nice image Keith. Like the color and contrast.
Lancashire Weaver
Photo By: bouic
06-8-15 7:59 PM - Comment by: torralba
Holy cow! This is insanely sharp! Great capture, great exposure, great processing!
The lighthouse
Photo By: m.divittorio
05-31-15 9:11 PM - Comment by: m.divittorio
Thank you
Taking a walk
Photo By: m.divittorio
05-26-15 10:26 PM - Comment by: m.divittorio
Many thanks!
Sheba Smile
Photo By: shtarka1
05-15-15 3:01 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks JT! Hope You & The Family Are Well!!
Pelican @ JAX Beach
Photo By: saxbike
05-2-15 6:27 PM - Comment by: gip
Very nice image. Nice colors and detail. Like the soft color in the background.
Soft colors
Photo By: eviga
04-13-15 8:07 PM - Comment by: torralba
Yes. very nice indeed. The reflection creates a subtle serene scene.
Photo By: jonny
04-8-15 12:41 PM - Comment by: torralba
I can't get over how good this is. I love the lighting and color!
Rainbows Ends
Photo By: bouic
03-14-15 5:44 PM - Comment by: bouic
Thank you gip, right place at right time I guess.
Photo By: torralba
03-3-15 3:05 PM - Comment by: bouic
Well seen image.
Connemara Sheepscape
Photo By: bouic
03-3-15 2:43 PM - Comment by: torralba
Really great shot. Love the processing and composition.
Photo By: dr. harout
02-9-15 9:46 PM - Comment by: dr. harout
Agree and thanks.
Full steam ahead
Photo By: shtarka1
02-1-15 1:27 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks Bouic!
Photo By: shtarka1
02-1-15 4:54 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Yes George. Appreciate it!
Da Boyzz!
Photo By: shtarka1
02-1-15 4:54 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Jorge, I Love This Lens!!! Thanks!