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Roll Out!
Photo By: shtarka1
11-14-16 1:29 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks JT!!!
Photo By: torralba
11-13-16 5:05 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Beautiful Portrait, Jorgey!
We have a dream
Photo By: shtarka1
11-12-16 4:42 PM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks Pal!
Qozhaya, Lebanon
Photo By: dr. harout
11-11-16 2:29 PM - Comment by: redskeeter
This is a very good POV, beautifully captured.
Il bianco
Photo By: eviga
09-3-16 5:41 PM - Comment by: gip
Very nice low angle. Isolated well against background. Good detail on those white feathers.
Photo By: torralba
08-28-16 6:22 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Intense!!! Excellent!
-10 dB
Photo By: fe2cruz
05-23-16 9:05 PM - Comment by: fe2cruz
The foam absorbs the sound & Vibrations of the slap of the shutter. Just like grip accessories help absorb the shutter vibrations for long exposures. I didn't think such simple wrap and foam would stop so much noise, but it I was able to silence the camera a lot. If you don't like wrapping up the camera just using foam and engulfing the a7R in your overcoat at waste level should be enough to deaden the hard slap of the shutter for street photography too.
Photo By: redskeeter
03-14-16 5:05 PM - Comment by: redskeeter
Thanks torralba!
Beach Stream, Ross Sands
Photo By: bouic
01-2-16 9:22 AM - Comment by: torralba
Lonely looking place .
Photo By: martirio
10-9-15 7:59 AM - Comment by: martirio
thx every body
Photo By: torralba
09-9-15 4:00 PM - Comment by: gip
Like those out of focus colors and your composition.
Photo By: torralba
09-9-15 3:58 PM - Comment by: gip
Like the B&W. Her face has more of a glow against the dark background.
"Vito Andolini"
Photo By: shtarka1
09-6-15 11:15 AM - Comment by: shtarka1
Thanks Buddy!
Photo By: patolog68
09-5-15 12:19 PM - Comment by: patolog68
Sigma Art 35/1,4
Photo By: bouic
09-3-15 11:56 PM - Comment by: torralba
Super shot with fantastic detail and tones !
Photo By: torralba
08-24-15 6:16 PM - Comment by: redskeeter
I have the camera and the lens, awesome combo and a great capture.
Oh! The Humanity!
Photo By: j-808
08-18-15 2:11 PM - Comment by: torralba
Very cool looking! Looks like a toy play set.
Photo By: torralba
08-7-15 2:55 AM - Comment by: bouic
I prefer the colour version. The eyes make it. Dave
Black Monolith
Photo By: stevebriant
07-30-15 11:27 AM - Comment by: stevebriant
Well, it depends on the angle I guess. From a different perspective, the building is supposed to resemble a huge black ship ploughing through the water. I'm with you on this one - it clashes with the old traditional architecture of the Liverpool waterfront. Takes some getting used to.
Photo By: torralba
07-26-15 3:16 PM - Comment by: torralba
I updated the notes with a link to a color version.