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🕐 05-23-16 9:05 PMfe2cruz
-10 dB
The foam absorbs the sound & Vibrations of the slap of the shutter. Just like grip accessories help absorb the shutter vibrations for long exposures. I didn't think such simple wrap and foam would stop so much noise, but it I was able to silence the camera a lot. If you don't like wrapping up the camera just using foam and engulfing the a7R in your overcoat at waste level should be enough to deaden the hard slap of the shutter for street photography too.
🕐 05-18-16 12:02 PMJT
-10 dB
Why the foam pad?
🕐 04-20-14 7:43 PMfe2cruz
April 15th, 2014 Blood Moon on Tamron 800
Thanks Torralba, for the comment and everything else you do. I had thin clouds and light pollution too, but the resolution of the A7r still squeezed in more detail than my Nikon's sensor would have. I payed the price for staying out so late for those shots though with some sniffles lingering into this Easter Weekend.
🕐 04-20-14 2:02 PMJT
April 15th, 2014 Blood Moon on Tamron 800
Impressive! I missed it here where I live because of clouds.
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