Comments for Richard

🕐 10-29-14 3:57 PMredskeeter
Beautifully captured!!
🕐 10-20-14 11:39 PMmartirio
Nice shot.
🕐 07-22-14 5:22 AMgip
Very nice. Like the yellow background .
🕐 05-23-14 5:21 PMgip
Swan in the morning
This is one to be proud of. Nice tone and framing.
🕐 05-23-14 1:04 PMJT
Swan in the morning
Beautiful image ! How serene!
🕐 12-29-13 1:08 PMpantoja
Bearded reedling
Thanks, Mike. They are not so hard to find, but there are almost always some reeds, in the way, but a little patience and then one can get some clear shots of them.
🕐 11-30-13 7:57 AMpantoja
Bearded reedling
Thank you, fuma76
🕐 11-30-13 6:42 AMfuma76
Bearded reedling
🕐 11-28-13 11:37 PMpantoja
Kestrel portrait
Thanks Mike
popflash photo
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