Comments for James Allamand

🕐 05-15-14 2:35 AMallamand
Photo 34178
Taken with 24-70Z FE lens
🕐 11-26-13 8:48 AMeviga
Underground Overground
Great idea, very nice and original.
🕐 11-21-13 2:00 AManton alberts
Ephesus Library
Very unique perspective , nice
🕐 11-20-13 10:04 PMphilber
London Skyline HDR
Nice picture! Though, if you go to the trouble of using HDR and stitching 5 pics together, why not post larger?
🕐 11-20-13 12:57 PMeviga
Ephesus Library
The resume point even more unusual highlights this fantastic monument. Embeded Photo
🕐 11-20-13 12:35 PMallamand
The Reader
Thanks - this was a very lucky shot while I was sitting down with a beer!
popflash photo
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