Comments for Henry Rinne

🕐 05-2-15 6:27 PMgip
Pelican @ JAX Beach
Very nice image. Nice colors and detail. Like the soft color in the background.
🕐 01-8-15 9:50 AMJT
Skyline HDR
Intense look for a cityscape.
🕐 05-16-14 3:18 PMgip
Trump Tower - Chicago
Wonderful light .Great sky.
🕐 05-9-14 11:02 AMredskeeter
Trump Tower - Chicago
Beautifully captured!
🕐 12-6-13 5:41 PMsaxbike
Near Savannah
Thanks for the feedback.
🕐 12-6-13 9:28 AMJT
Near Savannah
This is awesome. I love the back lit feathers on the bird. It gives it a glow.
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