Comments for Dr. Harout Tanielian

🕐 11-11-16 2:29 PMredskeeter
Qozhaya, Lebanon
This is a very good POV, beautifully captured.
🕐 02-9-15 9:46 PMdr. harout
Agree and thanks.
🕐 02-9-15 3:53 PMbouic
I think it would be better if the black windows were cropped off the top and the image straightened slightly.
🕐 01-30-15 2:28 PMgip
Shanghai, Pudong
Color reflected in water adds a nice touch.
🕐 03-10-14 9:24 AMJT
Fisherman's Boat
so serene. Love it.
🕐 01-29-14 1:07 PMtclair
Baatara Pothole, Lebanon
🕐 01-29-14 10:49 AMtclair
Catch of the Day
Nice catch! :-)
🕐 01-26-14 2:51 PMtclair
Fisherman's Boat
Very nice image!
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