Comments by David Hawkins

🕐 08-7-15 2:55 AMbouic
Photo 34011
By: JT
I prefer the colour version. The eyes make it. Dave
🕐 03-14-15 5:44 PMbouic
Rainbows Ends
By: bouic
Thank you gip, right place at right time I guess.
🕐 03-3-15 3:05 PMbouic
Photo 34654
By: JT
Well seen image.
🕐 02-9-15 3:53 PMbouic
I think it would be better if the black windows were cropped off the top and the image straightened slightly.
🕐 02-1-15 12:34 PMbouic
Full steam ahead
Superb mono image, good street photo. Dave
popflash photo
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