Comments by Gip Young

🕐 09-3-16 5:41 PMgip
Il bianco
By: eviga
Very nice low angle. Isolated well against background. Good detail on those white feathers.
🕐 09-9-15 4:00 PMgip
Photo 34848
By: JT
Like those out of focus colors and your composition.
🕐 09-9-15 3:58 PMgip
Photo 34844
By: JT
Like the B&W. Her face has more of a glow against the dark background.
🕐 07-10-15 8:19 AMgip
By: bouic
Super image. The clouds and rocks draw the eye to the ship. Nice composition.
🕐 07-7-15 10:53 AMgip
Great Horned Owl
Excellent !
🕐 06-29-15 11:02 AMgip
Barred Owl Portrait
Nice image Keith. Like the color and contrast.
🕐 05-31-15 7:24 PMgip
The lighthouse
Wonderful image.
🕐 05-2-15 6:27 PMgip
Pelican @ JAX Beach
Very nice image. Nice colors and detail. Like the soft color in the background.
🕐 04-13-15 4:55 PMgip
Soft colors
By: eviga
Great detail and soft reflected colors. Very nice image.
🕐 04-6-15 5:43 PMgip
Photo 34680
By: JT
Like the color, especially those gold and tan tones in the backgroud.
🕐 03-13-15 1:32 PMgip
Rainbows Ends
By: bouic
Quite a catch. Very nice.
🕐 02-9-15 3:13 PMgip
Connemara Sheepscape
By: bouic
Excellent image.
🕐 01-30-15 2:28 PMgip
Shanghai, Pudong
Color reflected in water adds a nice touch.
🕐 01-27-15 4:37 PMgip
Helmshore Weaver
By: bouic
Lighting on the face is very nice. Good color and textures.
🕐 12-25-14 2:47 PMgip
Rough-Legged Hawk
My favorite. Like the wings out. DOF has one wing in and one out of focus. Nice image.
🕐 12-19-14 6:57 PMgip
Wave Breakers
Looking at this one again. What a great image.
🕐 12-9-14 3:34 AMgip
Sundown at Kirby
Like the bands of color in the landscape and sky.
🕐 11-23-14 8:41 AMgip
Photo 34485
Really like this image Bekar. Interesting mountians and sky.
🕐 11-15-14 10:03 AMgip
The Torrent
Like your choice of exposure time. Nice color.
🕐 11-14-14 3:41 PMgip
Wave Breakers
Super image.
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