Comments by Enrico Raimondo

🕐 01-14-14 3:41 PMcommuter
Self-portrait on train
By: paqart
torralba, if I understand correctly the photo title, this is a self portrait, so basically Paquart was shooting at himself and chance are he knew he was taking a pictures... :)
🕐 01-12-14 3:33 AMcommuter
sugar mill
Thanks Mike..... it is actually a1920 sugar mill plant... It grew so much that during the 50's they built inside the plant itself a mech shop to repair machinery and a tiles furnace. Abandoned during the first years of the 80's.
🕐 01-7-14 8:35 AMcommuter
Airbus A350-900 XWB
wow!!!! the A350... where did you catch it? Toulouse?
🕐 12-6-13 7:37 AMcommuter
By: ringo
grande Ringo.. questa spacca! Come l'hai fatta la luce sui binari?
🕐 11-27-13 12:40 AMcommuter
looking upward...
merci philber..
🕐 11-25-13 6:11 AMcommuter
Barrio Alto
Thanks Mike... Lisbona is a very nice place indeed....
🕐 11-20-13 1:52 PMcommuter
By: eviga
Ettore, questa e' fantastica.... carpe diem!
🕐 11-20-13 1:50 PMcommuter
Thanks... happy to see you liked...
🕐 11-20-13 7:56 AMcommuter
what you doing?
what a catch! it seems te seagull was five inches from your lens...
🕐 11-19-13 2:27 AMcommuter
grazie anche a te Luca
🕐 11-19-13 12:24 AMcommuter
Thanks Mike, nice to read you liked.
🕐 11-18-13 8:12 AMcommuter
grazie Ettore
popflash photo
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