Comments by James

🕐 03-13-14 4:41 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 33909
By: JT
Wow, looks like he's going super fast! AF-D mode on the a99 is excellent
🕐 03-2-14 11:36 AMminoltazeiss
Photo 33808
Anytime !
🕐 02-28-14 9:54 PMminoltazeiss
Photo 33808
I usually have it on wide area and face detect also, AFS or AFD this shot I had the camera on AFD witch does work good but the focus area is still limited to that cluster in the center of the viewfinder, make sure you have updated the firmware on the a99 so that you can use AFD mode with most lenses, I have found it works really good. the face detect isn't going to work throughout the entire farm like on the A7 because the the a99 doesn't have contrast detect AF so it is limited to the cluster in the center. You see the grey box because the camera software looks for faces with the full frame sensor and it knows they are there but can't focus on it until you point the camera so that the AF cluster is on the face, so using AFS mode focus / press shutter halfway / and reframe / take the shot. Yeah I wish the AF area on the a99 was bigger also.
🕐 11-17-13 3:29 PMminoltazeiss
bursting bubbles
Incredible !!!!
popflash photo
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